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The Design of Your Dreams in Five Easy Steps

Over the years, across many projects we have developed a "go to" approach for dealing with your project. We call it the Five Step Approach. For each project we follow each of the five steps to ensure we create the best possible plan for your individual needs. The process allows us to steadily guide you on a journey and is designed to give you confidence every step of the way. Contact us today for a no obligation chat about your specific needs. Maybe we can help?
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Hinton Park Pool House. Oak Framing Oak
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Contact Us

The very first step is reaching out. Give us a call or send us a message to let us know what you are working on. 


We would love to hear more  about your new project. We are here to offer a no obligation initial consultation. Let us help you to get the best out of your plan.

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Once we have established an initial concept or idea let's work together to explore the possibilities.


In combining your vision with our experience and expertise we aim to identify the best most effective route to completing your stunning new project.

Aerial view of an architect working on a technical plan



The Plan

Once we have explored all of the options, and landed on a final vision it is time to create a detailed plan. This plan might include timings, budget, work phasing,the identification of supporting partners (i.e. the right architect). The Plan give both parties the chance to raise important questions or concerns before the work starts!

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Close up of an Oak Framed Glass Roof


Do The Work

Arguably the most exciting part of the process, executing the plan! The team will work in a coordinated manner to bring to life your vision in a safe, legal,  timely, cost effective way. The team will aim to keep you informed at each stage of the development so you are included and informed.

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Once the final build is complete we consider it important to schedule a follow up visit with our clients to ensure that everything we discussed through the process has come to life and is functioning as imagined. 

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Thank you for all of your help and knowledge when it came to glazing our Oak frame project

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