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The Mighty Oak

Oak has been used for centuries in construction due to its natural beauty, incredible strength and versatility. We have seen a recent surge in popularity in the UK as customers look for a solid, reliable, environmentally friendly construction solution which delivers incredible natural aesthetics. Oak is of course renowned for its strength and durability but it also offers great water resistance and is naturally insulating, cutting down heating bills and minimising  the carbon footprint of a building over its lifetime.  Outside of the practicalities of Oak, customers often fall in love with the natural beauty of Oak. Oak offers a beautiful natural grain structure which creates a compelling, natural,premium design feature to any building. Oak frames are often very minimal and unobtrusive, maximising window size and aperture, celebrating the view and often giving a 'frameless' impression. Using a direct glazing system, the highly efficient glazed units can be seamlessly integrated into the Oak frame creating a 'frameless' impression. Oak is an amazing choice for buildings both new and old and can elevate any project.
Our glazing units can be created to suit your individual needs.
Contact us now about your project and let us help you bring your glazing ideas to life!
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Why Oak?


Strong & Durable

Oak is naturally strong, stable and durable thanks to its dense constitution. 

Environmentally Friendly

Oak  absorbs carbon dioxide emissions, isn’t toxic and doesn’t release chemicals into the environment. When we consider this in comparison to the  the  vast amounts of energy used to mine, process and transport resources such as concrete and steel, Oak really is the ultimate choice as an environmentally friendly building material. Using a sustainably sourced Oak is always preferred where new trees are carefully planted to replace those removed.

Highly Resistant

Due to its high Tannin content, Oak is highly resistant to  insect, mould or fungal infestations. Oak is highly resistant to wear and tear and has great natural water repellant qualities. 

Naturally Insulating

Wood is a natural insulator. Air pockets within the structure mean that wood is more than 10 times more insulated than traditional masonary. Buildings produced using Oak require less energy to heat and cool, reducing energy bills. When combined with our double our triple glazed units insulation is optimised.

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The Benefits of Oak
Direct Glazing System

How it Works


Our direct glazing system works with the framing of the building to maximise the aperture of the window and to create a 'frameless' look. By attaching the Glazed unit to the external frame it appears to float in the frame. We pay special attention to the natural expansion and shrinkage of the Oak frame and work our glazing system to move with the building. The diagram below shows in detail how it all works. Contact us to discuss things further. 

Direct Glazing System.png

Great service and amazing end product. Thank you so much!


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